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last.fm: QueenDiamond96 ♦ Aleksandra La Fey ♦ 18 ♦ Warsaw/Poland ♦ Vegetarian ♦ Piercing ♦ Blog about fashion and model ♦ Dream to be beauty and skinny ♦ Old school music ♦ Heavy metal maniac ♦
Queen Diamond because I love King Diamond, that's all. ♦ unfollow=unfollow

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-name —- Aleksandra

-url —- queendiamond96

-blogs name —- queendiamond96

-crush —- Hayden Christensen or Ashton Kutcher 

-favorite color(s!) —- black, pink

-write something in caps —- DOPIERDOLONE 

-favorite band/artist —- KING DIAMOND  last.fm QueenDiamond96

-favorite number —- i don’t have one

-favorite drink —- water

tag: all my followers 

Q: Are you single?

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